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168飞艇视频直播号码 全天更新开奖结果 research to improve policy and governance at the local, national, and global levels

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We bring together leading experts in government, academia, and beyond to provide nonpartisan research and analysis on the most important issues in the world.

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From deep-dive reports to brief explainers on trending topics, we analyze complicated problems and generate innovative solutions.

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Brookings has been at the forefront of public policy for over 100 years, providing data and insights to inform critical decisions during some of the most important inflection points in recent history.

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Read the article
Read the article

Writing in the New York Times, Cliff Winston makes the case for a vehicle miles traveled fee to fix our climate-unfriendly highway system.

Watch the interview
Watch the interview

On CNBC, Eswar Prasad argues that damage control is the key in Secretary Janet’s Yellen’s recent visit to China.

Read the testimony
Read the testimony

In a Senate hearing, Jenny Schuetz explains why housing affordability is particularly challenging for older adults and people with disabilities.

Listen to the podcast
Listen to the podcast

Katharine Meyer discusses how the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ruling will affect college admissions.

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